Lehr- und Forschungseinheit für Datenbanksysteme Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Institut für Informatik
Lehr- und Forschungseinheit für Datenbanksysteme
University of Munich
Institute for Computer Science
Database and Information Systems

Block-Hauptseminar im Wintersemester 2007/08

Behandelte Themen

Vergebene Themen mit Bearbeiter

Titel Bearbeiter (Matr.Nr) Author pdf
APLA: Indexing Arbitrary Probability Distributions 2119710 Ljosa, Singh pdf
Efficient Indexing Methods for Probabilistic Threshold Queries over Uncertain Objects 2412822 Cheng, Xia, Prabhakar, Shah, Vitter pdf
Efficient Join Processing over Uncertain Data 118204167 Cheng, Xia, Prabhakar, Shah, Vitter pdf
Evaluating Probabilistic Queries over Uncertain Data 78302287 Cheng, Kalashnikov, Prabhakar pdf
Indexing Continuously Changing Data with Mean Variance Tree 38104848 Xia, Prabhakar, Lei, Cheng, Shah pdf
Indexing Multi-Dimensional Uncertain Data with Arbitrary Probability Density Functions 98302651 Tao, Cheng, Xiao, Ngai, Kao, Prabhakar pdf
Probabilistic Ranking Queries Over Gaussian 87708173 Böhm, Pryakhin, Schubert pdf
Probabilistic Similarity Join over Uncertain Data 27906304 Kriegel, Kunath, Pfeifle, Renz pdf
Probabilistic Spatial Database Operations 58007030 Ni, Ravishankar, Bhanu pdf
Probabilistic Spatial Queries on Existentially Uncertain Data 48005464 Dai, Yiu, Mamoulis, Tao, Vaitis pdf
Querying Objects modeled by Arbitrary Probability Distributions 127906378 Böhm, Kunath, Pryakhin, Schubert pdf
The Gauss-Tree: Efficient Object Identification in Databases of Probabilistic Feature Vectors 98203497 Böhm, Pryakhin, Schubert pdf
Probabilistic Nearest-Neighbor Query on Uncertain Objects 28201898 Kriegel, Kunath, Renz pdf
The Geometry of Uncertainty in Moving Object Databases 68004359 Trajcevski, Wolfson, Zhang, Chamberlain pdf


Titel Author pdf
GADT: A Probability Space ADT for Representing and Querying the Physical World Faradijan, Gehrke, Bonnet pdf
Approximate Selection Queries over Imprecise Data Lazaridis, Mehrotra pdf

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