Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Institut für Informatik

Technical Report 93-02

A Storage and Access Architecture for Efficient Query Processing in Spatial Database Systems
March 1993
Thomas Brinkhoff <>
Holger Horn
Hans-Peter Kriegel <>
Ralf Schneider
Institut für Informatik
Universität München
Leopoldstr. 11B
D-80802 München (Germany)
spatial database systems, spatial objects, spatial operations, spatial query processing, spatial access methods, object approximations, object decomposition, scene organization, global clustering
Due to the high complexity of objects and queries and also due to extremely large data volumes, geographic database systems impose stringent requirements on their storage and access architecture with respect to efficient query processing. Performance improving concepts such as spatial storage and access structures, approximations, object decompositions and multi-phase query processing have been suggested and analyzed as single building blocks. In this paper, we describe a storage and access architecture which is composed from the above building blocks in a modular fashion. Additionally, we incorporate into our architecture a new ingredient, the scene organization, for efficiently supporting set-oriented access of large-area region queries. An experimental performance comparison demonstrates that the concept of scene organization leads to considerable performance improvements for large-area region queries by a factor of up to 150.

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