Lehr- und Forschungseinheit für Datenbanksysteme Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Institut für Informatik
Lehr- und Forschungseinheit für Datenbanksysteme
University of Munich
Institute for Computer Science
Database and Information Systems



Distributed Learning in Sensor Networks,
Huaien Gao, 2008.

Advanced Analysis on Temporal Data,
Johannes Aßfalg, 2008.

Correlation Clustering,
Arthur Zimek, 2008.


Statistical Relational Learning with Nonparametric Bayesian Models,
Zhao Xu, 2007.

Graph Kernels,
Karsten Borgwardt, 2007.

Hierarchical Subspace Clustering,
Elke Achtert, 2007.

Efficient and Effective Similarity Search on Complex Objects,
Stefan Brecheisen, 2007.


Similarity Search and Data Mining Techniques for Advanced Database Systems,
Alexey Pryakhin, 2006.

Efficient Analysis in Multimedia Databases,
Peter Kunath, 2006.

Enhanced Query Processing on Complex Spatial and Temporal Data,
Matthias Renz, 2006.

Advanced Probabilistic Models for Clustering and Projection,
Shipeng Yu, 2006.


New Techniques for Clustering Complex Objects,
Karin Kailing, 2004.

Advanced Data Mining Techniques for Compound Objects,
Matthias Schubert, 2004.

Spatial Database Support for Virtual Engineering,
Martin Pfeifle, 2004.

Coping with New Challenges for Density-Based Clustering,
Peer Kröger, 2004.

Statistical Learning Approaches to Information Filtering,
Kai Yu, 2004.

Efficient Similarity Search in Structured Data,
Stefan Schönauer, 2004.


Spatial Indexing for Object-Relational Databases,
Marco Pötke, 2001.

Quality Driven Database Mining,
Markus Breunig, 2001.


Visual Data Mining,
Mihael Ankerst, 2000.

High-Performance Database Mining,
Bernhard Braunmüller, 2000.


Efficient Clustering for Knowledge Discovery,
Xiaowei Xu, 1998.

Generalized Density-Based Clustering for Spatial Data Mining,
Jörg Sander, 1998.

Efficiently Indexing High-Dimensional Data Spaces,
Christian Böhm, 1998.

Integrative Anfragebearbeitung von Relationalen und Geo-Datenbanksystemen,
Andreas Miethsam, 1998.


Geometrie-basierte Suche ähnlicher Bauteile,
Stefan Berchtold, 1997.

Adaptable Similarity Search in 3-D Spatial Database Systems,
Thomas Seidl, 1997.


Der Spatial Join in Geo-Datenbanksystemen,
Thomas Brinkhoff,1994.

Visual Support for Query Specification and Data Mining,
Daniel A. Keim, 1994.


Speicherung und Anfragebearbeitung komplexer Geo-Objekte,
Michael Schiwietz, 1993.


Eine Speicher- und Zugriffsarchitektur für Geo-Datenbanksysteme,
Ralf Schneider, 1992.

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