PROTOS Project

    1987 - 1988

    EUREKA-Project funded by the European Community,

    PROTOS (Prolog Tools for Building Expert Systems) together with University of Dortmund (Germany), University of Oldenburg (Germany), Sandoz AG Basel (Switzerland), BIM-Prolog Brussels (Belgium), IBM Stuttgart (Germany), management of the subproject “Consistency Tools”


    1993 - 1996

    funded by the BMBF (German Minister for Education and Research),

    BIOWEPRO (Biomolecular Interactions of Proteins) together with University of Bielefeld (Germany), MPI Göttingen (Germany), GBF Braunschweig (Germany), collaboration in the design of a database system for similarity search of proteins

University of Munich, Institute for Economic Geography


    development of spatial data mining algorithms with applications in economic geography

NCR Munich, Scalable Data Warehouse Division


    development of data mining algorithms for analyzing transaction data and customer data

ESO (European Southern Observatory) Garching (Germany), Data Archive Group


    development of efficient k-Nearest Neighbor classifiers for very large astronomy databases

Daimler Benz Research and Development Ulm (Germany), Data Mining Department


    development of dynamic k-Nearest Neighbor classifiers for a data warehousing environment

Siemens Research and Development Munich, Neuroinformatics Department

    1998 - 2000

    development of data mining algorithms for distributed databases in a commercial environment